3 Altcoins To Watch: Could 10X Your Money By 2023

• Cryptocurrency market suffered a huge downfall in 2021, but recovered by the end of 2022.
• Investors are looking for high-potential projects that could yield massive returns.
• Fight Out, Frax and Zilliqa have been identified as projects that have the potential to 10X by 2023.

Cryptocurrency Market Takes a Massive Hit

The cryptocurrency domain faced a major decline towards the end of 2021, resulting in some of the most popular altcoins taking a hit. Although many investors anticipated a bounceback soon after, no such thing happened. This caused the industry to set course for an extended bearish trend until late 2022 when the top altcoins started showing signs of recovery.

Potential Projects with High Returns

With the market showing bullish signs again, investors are now on a lookout for investments that could fetch them substantial profits within weeks or months. However, it is not easy to identify promising projects at their early stages which is why we have identified three exceptional projects – Fight Out, Frax and Zilliqa – that could potentially 10X by 2023 or even before.

Fight Out: Fitness-Oriented Blockchain Project

Fight Out is an M2E (Move to Earn) ecosystem introduced in 4th quarter of 2022 which aims to use blockchain components and NFTs to encourage users to focus on their health and fitness goals through monetary incentives. The project includes an app featuring an NFT avatar integrated with the metaverse where users need to complete workouts regularly for rewards in cryptos.

Frax: Decentralized Stablecoin Platform

Frax is another project with immense potential that has recently gained traction among crypto enthusiasts due its unique approach towards stablecoins . It is based on decentralized technology and makes use of price feeds from exchanges rather than any third-party service provider like banks or governments, allowing users more control over their investments while also offering better liquidity options compared to traditional stablecoins.

Zilliqa: High Throughput Blockchain Protocol

The last project we will discuss here is Zilliqa – a high throughput blockchain protocol designed specifically for scalability and security purposes in order to process large amounts of data efficiently on distributed networks. It has already become one of the most popular platform-level protocols used by developers all around the world due its low transaction fees as well as its ability to handle up to 3k tps without compromising decentralization or security features like most other blockchains do under similar conditions.