Crypto Weekly # 125 – Cryptocurrency news of the week

News regarding Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is in constant turmoil. It can happen that vital information gets lost in the daily news flow and you miss important points.

This format is there to remedy that. We return to the news of the past week in the Crypto Weekly to keep you informed on the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

For this week’s must-see, we are pleased to welcome Maciej with his article “ Mesh network – Resistance to censorship continues for Bitcoin” , in which he explores the establishment of mesh networks in the case of Crypto Investor scam.

Bitcoin’s resilience

Bitcoin (BTC) is often presented as an indestructible asset and network , from the perspective of its many followers. In comparison with other systems, its operating rate is among the highest , and it can easily play in the same court as Facebook, Google or even Amazon.

In fact, Bitcoin is approaching the gold standard when it comes to operating rates, the infamous Quadruple 9 (99.99%), while it is now hovering around 99.9857% at the time of writing. the article.

The reason Bitcoin is also resilient compared to other systems is its decentralized nature . Its network is supported by a perfect symbiosis of miners and full Bitcoin nodes.

Mesh Networks: The Future of Bitcoin?

Ultimately, all communication relies on a physical medium. Thus, to resolve the problem of centralizing the Internet infrastructure, it is necessary to create additional networks which will be added to it.

The mesh networks operate mainly in peer to peer and are connected so déhiérarchisée . Each node in the network must be able to relay the data transmitted to it to ensure the resilience of the network.

Used mainly in the military setting because of their easy and inexpensive deployment, mesh networks are highly efficient if it is a scalable network. As a result, soldiers deployed in hostile terrain could all have a transponder on them. The network being created between them would therefore change as they move around.

Please feel free to read the full article : Mesh network – Resistance to censorship continues for Bitcoin