Fight Out: Web 3 Fitness Crypto Smashes $3M Presale Target!

• Fight Out is a Web 3 fitness crypto that has surpassed its $3 million target in its presale offering.
• The presale is set to end within six days and the tokens can currently be bought for a discounted price of 0.0166 USDT.
• Fight Out has signed agreements to be listed on two top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges – LBank and BitForex.

The world of Web 3 is abuzz with the news of the amazing presale offering of Fight Out, the innovative fitness crypto. The project has already surpassed its $3 million target and is now getting ever closer to its first phase target of 5 million. However, with only six days left until the first phase of this presale comes to a close, now is the time to take advantage of the discounted price of 0.0166 USDT and buy the FGHT tokens.

The success of Fight Out’s presale is not only evident from the number of tokens sold, but also from the reaction of the community. The CEO of Fight Out, Carl Jones has expressed his gratitude to the community for making this a success and claimed that Fight Out has the potential to revolutionize the fitness space within Web 3.

And it seems that Fight Out’s potential has not gone unnoticed. The project has been taken up by two top-tier cryptocurrency exchanges in LBank and BitForex. BitForex is a great cryptocurrency exchange known for its derivatives trading and staking facilities and will be listing FGHT tokens on April 5th, 2023. LBank is a high-cap cryptocurrency exchange that is well-known for offering a plethora of trading options and will be listing Fight Out soon.

With the success of its presale offering, and the interest shown by two major cryptocurrency exchanges, Fight Out is well-poised to become this year’s best-performing coin. It will be interesting to see how this project progresses and how it revolutionizes the fitness space within Web 3.