Zero Sync: Ensuring Bitcoin Blockchain is Verifiable in Minutes!

• Three computer scientists in Germany have established a new crypto-based, non-profit organization called Zero Sync Association.
• The goal is to help scale bitcoin using zero-knowledge proof (ZK-proofs) and nodes will be able to sync almost instantly.
• A prototype for the network is already in play and validating things such as tokens, transaction histories, etc.

Zero Sync Wants to Ensure the Whole BTC Blockchain Is Verifiable

Three computer scientists in Germany have established a new crypto-based, non-profit company in Switzerland called Zero Sync Association with the desire of scaling bitcoin using zero-knowledge proofs (ZK-proofs). These proofs use cryptography to ensure the validity of information contained within the blockchain without revealing any data to outside parties or prying eyes. At present, a prototype of this network is already in play and validating tokens, transaction histories, etc.

Light Client Nodes

The bitcoin blockchain has always contained simple payment verification nodes, aka light clients. This concept is mentioned in the original BTC whitepaper that was introduced on Halloween of 2008; however these nodes are limited and only work on mobile phones. They are not currently capable of downloading the entire blockchain.

The Grand Vision

Zero Synch’s grand vision is that users would be able to download one megabyte of proof which would be as good as if they had downloaded 500 gigabytes — thereby eliminating the need for trust but providing cryptographic proof instead.

Interview With Co-Founder Robin Linus

In an interview with co-founder Robin Linus he explained that their prototype is still very much in its early stages but that it could vastly improve and expand within weeks and months time with further development. He also commented on how they don’t simply trust nodes as suggested in the whitepaper but rather verify actual transactions through cryptographic proof: „You don’t have to trust,“ he said. „That’s the entire point – The proof proves it to you.“

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